GBCI Ventures Leads Investment Of US$10 Million In Cailu To Build A Community-Based Blockchain Ecosystem

Guangzhou, China, 5 July 2019 – Today, GBCI Ventures led a US$10 million financing in the Pre-A round of Cailu, one of the top 5 leading blockchain media platforms in China. Together at a signing ceremony with Orka Capital and Cailu, GBCI Ventures and Orka Capital sealed their commitment representing their continued effort to build an ecosystem for Fintech in China.

From left to right: Li Xuan, Co-founder of Cailu, Douglas Gan, CEO and Co-founder of GBCI Ventures and Zheng Jian Wei, Co-founder of Orka Capital
Photo: GBCI Ventures

Cailu is a community-based platform that uses content as an entry point to create social connections, connect industry groups, general users, well-known Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) to foster consensus and establish mainstream and downstream ecosystem. At the same time, Cailu provides users with high-quality information from blockchain creators. Cailu is also one of the current leading media platform for the blockchain industry.

The current round of financing of US$10 million will mainly be used for the research and development of the blockchain immersion media (IM), CLC ecosystem building, engineering expertise, platform operations and collaborative partnership programs to build an in-depth blockchain ecosystem.

GBCI Ventures CEO and co-founder, Douglas Gan said, “Choosing to invest in a blockchain platform like Cailu is a natural choice for GBCI and Orka, which focus on investment opportunities in the blockchain industry. I believe that Cailu will continually produce great innovations in the blockchain industry and contribute to the growth of a robust ecosystem that promotes accurate, high-quality content.”

“Sharing is one of the characteristics of smart cities. Cailu, a sharing-based and a decentralized blockchain media platform, incentivize high-quality news and disincentivize low-quality content and even fake news; aims to become a major influencer on how blockchain can shape smart cities,” he added.

Cailu collects user personalized behaviours through algorithms, to provide high-quality content to users. Users gain CLC points rewards by mining, reading, commenting, signing and doing tasks on the platform. Every user has the opportunity to create or join an existing content creation node, and be rewarded with CLC points by posting and commenting as well as to engage in content mining.

CLC is the financial monetization fuel for the platform that is used to incentivize users to act in the platform’s best interest, and the financial pathways will be built around the CLC points to sustain the blockchain ecosystem.

“With the increasing proliferation and interest from both major institutions and the public in Blockchain technology, Cailu would be a great avenue to create awareness and dialogue between the two. This would lead to greater and faster advancement and adoption to usher in new and innovative tech to shape the way we conduct businesses in the future,” said Zheng Jian Wei, Co-founder of Orka Capital.

From left to right: Chen Pan, Content Director of Cailu, Dai Jin Song, Director of Marketing of Cailu, Zou Sui Sheng, Director of Operations of Cailu, Li Xuan, Co-founder of Cailu, Douglas Gan, CEO and Co-founder of GBCI Ventures, Zheng Jian Wei, Co-founder of Orka Capital
Photo: GBCI Ventures
About GBCI Ventures

Singapore-based GBCI Ventures is a leading venture capital fund and a venture builder in Asia. We invest in startups in the early stage of opportunities in smart city technology. We bring together a new generation of technology leaders, solutions providers and community that are key to building a dynamic and adaptive smart city ecosystem.

GBCI’s US$100m smart city fund is 70% dedicated to venture building and 30% dedicated to VC activities on companies that eventually will be merged or acquired by GBCI. The GBCI venture building team is now 1000 across 8 countries in Asia, including China, with 400 of them being engineers. GBCI focuses on innovative technology investments ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, robotics, big data, IoT, blockchain to virtual reality (VR). For more information, please refer to

About Orka Capital

Headquartered in Singapore, Orka Capital is a leading digital asset investment fund with roots in Asia but with presence globally. Orka Fund managers have decades of financial experience with a track record on ROI, and are ably supported up by a back office, financial analysts and OTC desk.

The fund is focused on later stage companies with management teams with a proven track record of success, have demonstrable game-changing technology and are focused on high growth markets solving real problems. For more information, please refer to

About Cailu

Established in May 2018, Cailu is one of the top 5 leading blockchain media platforms that integrates industry information, content socialization and token mechanism; providing users with high-quality content and creators with a high-quality platform, harnessing the power of the blockchain technology. The team has 100 employees and 80% research and development personnel. For more information, please refer to